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User interface.png

The map where your addresses and the route will be displayed is shown in the middle of the page.

Above the map in the top bar:

  • Search box for typing addresses
  • Import button to add destinations in batch
  • Addresses button to show the list of the locations that were added
  • Routes button to retrieve previously created routes
  • Options button to change settings

Below the map in the bottom bar:

  • Find route button to start the route calculation
  • Print button to print the route
  • Download button to download or export a route
  • Share button to share routes with friends or colleagues
  • Reset button to clear all addresses and start over
  • A counter of addresses on the map

Some notes:

  • The interface is available in various languages
  • If you see no map, but only a grey area, select another map style in the Options
  • When not logged in the Routes button is replaced by the Demo button, and the counter is replaced by the Extra button to upgrade your account

Apps and mobile

If you're working on a small sized screen, smartphone or tablet, some buttons may be showing icons only, or may be hidden to fit the available space. The responsive design adjusts the user interface automatically to the device. If you're able to turn the device 90 degrees from portrait to landscape, the interface will adjust and more buttons may appear:

20151126 RouteXL small screen portrait.png

20151126 RouteXL small screen landscape.png