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Routes for deliveries, collections or services that do not change every day can be saved. This makes it easy to set up a route for repeated use. The favorites dialog is only available to registered users that are logged on. It can be opened with the Routes button.


Add a route

To bookmark a route, tap the History button to see list of previous routes. Find the route from history, tap save and the route will show up in the Favorites dialog.

Use a route

To use a saved route, tap the "Load" button. I will be shown on the map and available to print, download or share.

If you add or remove addresses to make a new route, the bookmarked route is untouched. If you'd like to bookmark the new route, you need to add it again.

Edit a route

Tap the Edit button to change the name and description of a bookmarked route. If you need to make adjustment to the itinerary, load it and edit or remove stops.

Remove a route

Tap the "Delete" button to remove a route from the favorites. It will not be removed from the History dialog.