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If you have an account and are logged on, RouteXL keeps a history of routes that you have planned.

20151201 History dialog.png

  • The history dialog is opened with the Routes button. When you have saved routes, use the History button in the Favorites dialog.
  • The list holds the last routes you made, with date and time of creation, the number of stops and total number of views.
  • If you load a route, make changes to it and recalculate, a new route is created. It will be added to the history list. The original route will not be deleted.
  • If you save a route, it will appear in the Favorites dialog.
  • If you delete a route, it will no longer be available. If you have shared a route with others, friends or colleagues, they will not be able to use it.
  • Routes are deleted automatically after two months, unless they are saved or marked public.