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Where is the app? How to install?

There is no Android or iOS app, our website is our app: it's a webapp. Open in your smartphone browser and you're ready to go. To install a shortcut on your homescreen, see this page.

The map is empty, all white or grey?

Maps are delivered by third-party providers, like Google Maps, Mapbox or HERE. They may have a problem, or it may be unreachable because of network problems. You can change map provider by selecting another style for the map via Options > Styling > Map style


My addresses are not found or on the wrong place?

Addresses are located on the map with the use of third-party geocoding services, such as Google Maps, Mapbox or HERE. Free users may hit the free usage limit of these services. This limit has been decreased drastically compared to the early days. More details are in this announcement. See our documentation for hints and tips on geocoding

Getting too many "address not precise" warnings?

This warning is given if an address is not placed exactly on a rooftop, e.g. when using a zip code without house number. To prevent these warnings, make sure to use complete address information. Or disable the warning at Options > Geocoding > Check address precise

Upgraded but can't add more addresses?

Make sure you are logged in correctly. Your username should be showed above the map. Also, you may need to clear old addresses from the map with the "Reset" button. If that does not help, you may need to start a new session, follow these steps


The route is not optimized?

Route optimization is enabled by default, but may get disabled when you sort addresses manually. Check the setting at Options > Routing > Optimize routes

Why is the route visiting this building twice?

The algorithm does not know where the entrance of a building is. If you have multiple stops to visit in the same building, but these are not placed at the same location, the route may approach these stops from different sides. The solution is to move these stops manually to the entrance of the building before creating the route, or to use one address for all stops in the same building.

The route shows straight lines between some stops?

First, check if your addresses are placed on the map on routable places, near a road. If all addresses are placed correctly, some roads may not be reachable by regular cars, e.g. service or private roads. To get access to more roads, use Options > Routing > Type > Deliveryvan

Can't find the total distance, or milage, or time for the route?

When a route is mapped, the totals are added below it. Scroll down below the map

Why is the route faster/slower than Google Maps/Apple Maps/Waze?

Our algorithm uses OpenStreetMap data to create routes. That's a different map and street data may be older/newer. Also there is no live or forecasted traffic used. To align travel times and make routes slower or faster, use the setting in Options > Parameters > Speed

The export to Google Maps does not work?

Google Maps has some quircks when accepting multiple stops, you may need to use a workaround. Read this page


What's the period for a single day upgrade?

If you upgrade via PayPal for a single day, e.g. "RouteXL 100 - Day" or "RouteXL 200 - Day", your upgrade starts when PayPal confirms your payment and is valid for 24 hours after your payment.

Where is the invoice for my upgrade via PayPal?

Upgrades via PayPal have no invoices. They have receipts which are based on and sent to the PayPal account. Read this page

How to cancel my subscription?

You do not need to cancel when you have upgraded for one single day or one single month. If you have a recurring upgrade, unsubscribe on our website or cancel the preapproved payment at PayPal. If you have a business subscription on invoice, you'll need to contact us. See this page