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If you have upgraded your account, but the route planner does not allow you to add more addresses, you may need to reset your session.


Before you reset your session, do these checks:

  • Make sure you are logged in. Do you see your username on top of the website?
  • There may be some old addresses on the map. Clear the map by using the "Reset" button below the map.
  • Tap the Import button and check the maximum number of addresses that is allowed. Does it match your current subscription?
  • Try to force reload the website. The web browser may be using old data.
  • Check our support forums. PayPal may be queueing their instant payment notifications during peak periods on their platform, which delays upgrades in our system.


If none of the above solved the issue, follow these steps to reset your session:

1. Log out of the website

2. Close the browser completely (all tabs and windows)

3. Wait 10 seconds

4. Start the browser, open the website and log in again

5. Wait 10 seconds

6. Press the "Reset" button

7. Wait 10 seconds

8. Your session is now reset

Contact support

If nothing of the above helped, you may try to use a different internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari), or even restart your system.

If that still does not solve the issue please contact our support to check your account status.