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RouteXL calculates total distance, travel time, and some savings when optimizing your route.

  • After a route is found, the totals and savings are added below the map and the driving directions. Scroll all the way down to find them.
  • The savings are based on the parameters you have in the Options.
  • Savings are calculated be comparing the original order of stops with the optimal order.

What's saved

The savings that are displayed:

  • Travel time - The total time required for travel. Excludes time in waiting or servicing.
  • Distance - The total milage that will be travelled.
  • Fuel - Calculated from total distance and the fuel consumption parameter.
  • Costs - Calculated from the required fuel and fuel price parameter.
  • CO2 - Calculated from required fuel and CO2 per unit fuel parameter.


20151126 Savings.png