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When your departure and destination addresses have been added to the map, you're ready to find the best route.

  • Press the Find route button in the bottom left corner to start the routing algorithm.
  • While the route calculations run a indicative progress bar is shown. It may pause at 80% if the calculations take more time than expected.
  • When the route is found, it is drawn on the map.

Time required

Routing may take only a few seconds for simple routes with a small number of stops, up to several minutes for complex routes with many stops. Our goal is to calculate routes with 40 stops in 10 seconds on average, but the actual required time depends on the distances and complexity of the road network between stops, as well as many other complicating factors.

Failed routing

If a route calculation runs longer than 15 minutes, it has failed. Follow these steps:

  • Do not press the Reset button.
  • Refresh the page using F5 or Ctrl-r. It will reload the website and recover all destinations.
  • Check in Options > History if the route was calculated. If the route is available, try to load it.
  • If you can not retrieve the route, restart the route calculation with the Find route button.


Routes that you create will be saved in our database for a limited period of time, currently 4 weeks. Due to privacy restrictions they will be erased after that period. If you wish to keep the route for a longer period, you'll need to either share or save the route.