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Remove access codes
* Upgrade your account
* Buy an 24h access code
* Business subscription
The first two methods are method is automated and instantly available. The latter is processed manually and may take several business days. 
== Upgrade your account ==
Note: if you have bought an access code, or your account has a business subscription on invoice, these pages will not work for you.
== Buy an access code ==
Access codes are upgrades without the need for an account. You can enter the code and unlock the premium service.
* When a code is entered, it is locked and bound to your [ IP address]. You can use and re-enter the code for a period of 24 hours, but only from that location. If you move to another location, the code will not validate.
* Payments go via Mollie, a Payment Service Provider in The Netherlands. They offer some EU specific payment methods, as well as PayPal.
* Access codes only allow 100 stops per route for a period of 24 hours. If your need more stops or a longer period, you should register an account and upgrade.
To buy access codes, select the '''Extra''' button in the bottom right corner of the [[User interface|route planner]].
== Business subscription ==

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