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* Each account can only find one route at a time.
To upgrade your account go to: [https://www.routexl.nlcom/blog/subscriptions/ subscriptions]
=== Upgrade not available ===
=== Cancel subscription ===
You can cancel your PayPal subscription on [https://www.routexl.nlcom/blog/subscriptions/ our website] or at [ PayPal].
Note: if you have bought an access code, or your account has a business subscription on invoice, these pages will not work for you.
Business users within the EU can request a business subscription on invoice. The costs are €40 EUR ex VAT per month for up to 100 addresses per route, or €75 EUR ex VAT per month for up to 200 addresses per route. Subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis.
The application requires your business details and can be made using the [https://www.routexl.nlcom/blog/zakelijkbusiness-abonnement-op-factuursubscription/ request form]. The business details will be checked before acceptance. This process requires a human hand and may take several working days.
To cancel a business subscription on invoice, send an email via our [https://www.routexl.nlcom/blog/contact/ contact form].

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