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Google Maps is probably the most popular mapping and routing website on the internet. Although RouteXL uses OpenStreetMap to optimize routes, it still works with Google Maps in various ways.

Finding addresses

Generally Google Maps is the best service for finding your addresses on the map. As it's also the most expensive service, it's only available for our premium users. To select Google for your addresses, set Options > Geocoding > Preferred > Google Maps

Export route to Google Maps

To export a route you have created in RouteXL to Google Maps use the Download button and choose "Google Maps".

  • RouteXL will create an URL that will holds the coordinates of your stops and open that in a new window. Coordinates are used to match the route in RouteXL better.
  • This method will only work with a small number of stops. Unfortunately the number of characters in the URL is limited and Google Maps is known to limit the number of stops it accepts. Unfortuantely we have no control over this.

Import route in Google Maps

Google My Maps is a special service that you can use to create your own custom maps. It can import files with locations that you create in RouteXL.

  1. Download your route as KML file
  2. Go to Google My Maps
  3. Create a new map
  4. Import the KML file

This method will allow you to import many stops. It also allows to add multiple routes in one map (overlays). You can format marker and line styles to your needs.

Navigate of stops with Google Maps

Instead exporting the whole route, you can navigate to each stop individually:

  1. Set Options > Routing > Navigate with > Google Maps
  2. Open the Fulfillment dialog
  3. Navigate each stop and tick it off

This method will work with many stops, is able to keep timestamps for each address, and allows you to replan on the road.