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Routes for deliveries, collections or services that do not change every day can be saved. This makes it easy to set up a route for repeated use. The favorites dialog is only available to registered users that are logged on. It can be opened with the Routes button.


Add a route

To bookmark a route, tap the History button to see list of previous routes. Find the route from history, tap save and the route will show up in the Favorites dialog. When it is saved, you can change the label or add remarks.

Use a route

To use a saved route, tap the "Load" button. I will be shown on the map and available to print, download or share.

If you add or remove addresses to make a new route, the bookmarked route is untouched. If you'd like to bookmark the new route, you need to add it again.

Edit a route

Tap the Edit button to change the name and description of a bookmarked route. If you need to make adjustment to the itinerary, load it and edit or remove stops.

Remove a route

Tap the "Delete" button to remove a route from the favorites. It will not be removed from the History dialog.