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RouteXL is free to use for all routes up to 20 stops, under a Fair Use Policy. If you plan multiple routes a day, but never have more than 20 addresses to enter, there is no payment required. The free version is fully functional, you can use all goodies. Registration is not required. You can use the route planner without an account. You do need an account to change some Options. The API requires registration and is free for routes up to 10 stops.

The premium service allows you to add more stops to an itinerary. There are upgrades for routes up to 100 stops or more, for the time period of one day (24 hours), one month or recurring. Also, the premium service has higher quality maps and geocoding, using Google's premium services.

You can access the premium service via these methods:

  • Upgrade via PayPal
  • Business subscription

The first method is automated and instantly available. The latter is processed manually and may take several business days.

Upgrade via PayPal

Upgrading an account via PayPal is the most easy way to go premium. When you have a premium subscription, all you need to do is log in and the maximum number of stops per route is instantly increased. PayPal payments are easy, fast and secure.

  • If you register a new account, you can choose a subscription at the same time. If you already have an account, you can add a subscription when you need it.
  • When the subscription ends, your account will go back to the free level again. You'll be able to load and use the routes you made when you were premium and you can create new routes up to 20 stops (10 locations via API).
  • Accounts are personal, but you may be able to use it on several computers or locations. They are not locked to an IP address.
  • Each account can find one route at a time.

To upgrade your account go to: subscriptions


When you upgrade via PayPal you will not receive an invoice, as the payment is made on beforehand, but you will receive a receipt via email. The receipt is based on the details of your PayPal account, will be sent to the email address of your PayPal account and has VAT based on the country of your PayPal account. If you need to have the receipt addressed differently, make sure to edit your PayPal settings before you make the payment. Once the receipt is sent, it can not be changed.

Upgrade not available

It may happen that you have upgraded your account, but the route planner does not allow you to add more addresses to the map. It may take up to 15 minutes for your upgrade to be fully processed and your account status to be updated. When that period has passed and you're still not able to add more addresses on the website, follow these steps to reset your session.

In case of persisting problems, it's often PayPal delaying their instant payment notifications to our system. You may also want to check the status page at PayPal.

Change payment method

You can use a credit card or a bank account for your subscription. PayPal allows you to link a card or a bank, or both. If you need to change your payment method, e.g. add a new credit card or change your bank account, manage your wallet at PayPal.

Cancel subscription

The single day or single month upgrades stop automatically after the period ends, e.g. the "RouteXL 100 - Day" and "RouteXL 100 - Month" upgrades. These will not be repeated and there will be no automatic payment.

The recurring subscriptions via PayPal, e.g. "RouteXL 100 - Recurring", will be repeated monthly with automatic payments. They can be cancelled every month, on your subscriptions page on our website, or on the automatic payments page at PayPal.

Note: if your account has a business subscription on invoice these pages will not work for you.

Move to other level

As your business grows you may need to move to another level, e.g. from 100 to 200 addresses. Unfortunately our system does not let you stack subscriptions. You'll need to unsubscribe and wait for the current period to end before you can resubscribe.

Alternatively, contact support to cancel your current subscription for you right away, but you'll loose the remainder of the current period. If you're in a hurry, you can also register a second account and upgrade that, but you'll have double costs. If you have some time and need more flexibility as a business, another option is move to a business subscription (see below).


  • Single day and single month upgrades can be paid with debit or credit card via PayPal without the need for a PayPal account. Recurring upgrades requires a PayPal account to store your payment method details.
  • Our prices are set in EUR. PayPal will set the exchange rate to your local currency. If you need an estimate of our prices in your local currency try Google, see this EUR to USD example.
  • You will not be emailed an access code or unlock code. You do not need such an code. We've used codes in the past, but now you only need to be logged in.
  • If you have upgraded via PayPal, but the routeplanner does not let you add more destinations, reset your session.

Business Subscription

For businesses and corporate entities seeking a tailored approach to their routing needs, we offer an exclusive business subscription model. This premium option is designed to accommodate the specific financial and operational requirements of businesses, bypassing the need for PayPal and offering payment flexibility through direct invoicing. This method facilitates payments via bank transfer, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial transaction process. It's important to note that while this subscription enhances the payment experience, it does not alter the functionality of our route planner—meaning, subscribers gain no additional features beyond those available in upgrades via PayPal.


Our business subscriptions are structured to provide value while acknowledging the enhanced support and flexibility they offer:

  • RouteXL 100 - Business: Priced at €40 EUR (excluding VAT) per month, this plan supports up to 100 addresses per route.
  • RouteXL 200 - Business: For those requiring more extensive routing, this plan is available at €75 EUR (excluding VAT) per month, accommodating up to 200 addresses per route.

To further add value, we provide discounts for long-term commitments: 10% off for a 6-month prepayment and 20% off for a 12-month prepayment, applied to the total subscription cost.


Subscribing to our business plan offers several benefits, ensuring that your company's routing needs are met with precision and care:

  • Invoices feature your full business details and VAT, ensuring compliance and clarity for financial processing.
  • Payments are made via bank transfer, eliminating the need for a credit card and the hassles associated with PayPal, such as card expirations and queueing issues.
  • The subscription model is designed for stability and flexibility, offering options for 6 or 12-month invoicing.
  • Subscribers receive priority support, ensuring any issues are promptly and efficiently resolved.

How to Apply

To apply for a business subscription, we require your company's details to ensure a smooth setup process. Applications can be submitted through our request form. Please note that this process involves verification of your business details by our team, which may take several working days. Your subscription will be activated following the approval of your application.

Subscription Cancellation

Our business subscriptions are designed with flexibility in mind. Cancellations can be made monthly, except in cases where a longer term has been prepaid. Should you need to cancel your business subscription, simply contact us via our contact form, and we will assist you with the process.