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Before you can plan and use a route you'll need to add addresses to the route planner. If you have multiple locations to visit, all of them should be loaded and shown on the map.

How to add

There are several ways to add addresses.

  • Use the search bar in the top left corner. If you type an address and hit the enter button, the route planner will call geocoding services and add the result to the map.
  • Click on the exact position on the map. Move and zoom the map to the right place and click on your destination. The route planner will use reversed geocoding to find the address with the coordinates.
  • Use the import button to import several addresses at once.
  • Reuse addresses from your previous routes via Addresses > Recent (only for registered users)


  • When an address can not be found or located, an error message will appear. To improve address finding read how we geocode.
  • If an address is not exactly placed on a building, you'll get a warning "address not precise". To disable this warning, uncheck this setting in the options.
  • All loaded addresses are to be found on the map and in the Address list