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Frequently asked questions
[[File:Routexl20151124 Wiki -header-amsterdam-openstreetmapRoute found.png|thumb|right|An optimized route with several stops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands]]
<strong>Welcome RouteXL is a multi stop route planner, that you can use to plan your road trip for business or leisure. It optimizes your itinerary with multiple destinations, ordering points for the RouteXL Wiki</strong>fastest route.
RouteXL is To plan a multi stop route planner, that helps your plan your road trip for business or leisure. It optimizes your itinerary with multiple destinationsstops, ordering points for the fastest route. It makes your life easier when you need go to visit several locations, e[https://www.groutexl. people, sights, shops or companiescom/ www. Route optimization not saves you a headache, but also travel time and energy (fuel, gas, electricity), lowering costs and]
To plan a route to multiple destinations now, go to About ==
Route optimization is awesome when you need to visit several locations on one day, e.g. customers, sights, shops or companies. It saves travel time and energy - fuel, gas, electricity - while lowering costs and emissions. Productivity increases when less time is spent on the road driving around. Customers as well as drivers love well-planned, fast pickups, deliveries and services. The route planner can [[import]] your addresses in bulk. The [[algorithm]] supports [[Edit location|time windows]], e.g. ready and due time for visits, pickup & delivery points, and [[multiple rounds]], e.g. to assign stops to several drivers or days. Multiple [[Options|modes of transport]] are available. Routes up to 20 stops are free on the website, more stops per route require an [[upgrades|upgrade]]. The service is made available under a [[Fair Use Policy|fair use policy]]. == Getting Get started ==
[[Quick guide]] - create a simple road trip in a few steps
== Support ==
Our community RouteXL does not offer support forum is via telephone. Your ideas, questions or problems are welcome on the support forums: [] ==== Frequently asked questions ==== * Is the map empty/white/grey? Do you see no streets at all? Select another map style in ''[[Options]] > Styling > Map style''* Having problems with addresses on the map? Check [ this announcement] or read more about [[geocoding]]* Does the route not seem optimized? Check the setting at ''[[Options]] > Routing > Optimize routes''* Did you upgrade but can't you add more addresses? Reset your session, follow [[Session|these steps]]* Do you wish to cancel your recurring subscription? Read [[Upgrades|this page]]* Are you missing the invoice for your PayPal upgrade? Read [[Upgrades|this page]]

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