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Frequently asked questions
[[File:Routexl20151124 Wiki -header-amsterdam-openstreetmapRoute found.png|thumb|right|An optimized route with several stops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands]]
<strong>Welcome RouteXL is a multi stop route planner, that you can use to plan your road trip for business or leisure. It optimizes your itinerary with multiple destinations, ordering points for the RouteXL Wiki</strong>fastest route.
RouteXL is To plan a multi stop route planner. It optimizes your itinerary with multiple destinationsstops, ordering points for the fastest routego to [ www. Route optimization saves travel time and energy (fuel, gas, electricity), lowering costs and]
To plan a route with multiple stops now, go to About ==
== Getting started ==Route optimization is awesome when you need to visit several locations on one day, e.g. customers, sights, shops or companies. It saves travel time and energy - fuel, gas, electricity - while lowering costs and emissions. Productivity increases when less time is spent on the road driving around. Customers as well as drivers love well-planned, fast pickups, deliveries and services.
The route planner can [[User interfaceimport]] - What you seeyour addresses in bulk. The [[algorithm]] supports [[Edit location|time windows]], e.g. ready and due time for visits, pickup & delivery points, and [[multiple rounds]], e.g. to assign stops to several drivers or days. Multiple [[Options|modes of transport]] are available. Routes up to 20 stops are free on the website, more stops per route require an [[upgrades|upgrade]]. The service is made available under a [[Fair Use Policy|fair use policy]]. == Get started ==
[[Quick guide]] - create a simple road trip in a few steps
[[User manual]] - go into the details
[[Upgrades]] - to the premium service [[Apps]] - for smartphones and tablets== Support ==
RouteXL does not offer support via telephone. Your ideas, questions or problems are welcome on the support forums: [[API]] - the programming interface for developers
== Support == Frequently asked questions ====
Our community support forum is * Is the map empty/white/grey? Do you see no streets at all? Select another map style in ''[[Options]] > Styling > Map style''* Having problems with addresses on the map? Check [ this announcement] or read more about [[geocoding]]* Does the route not seem optimized? Check the setting at ''[[Options]] > Routing > Optimize routes''* Did you upgrade but can't you add more addresses? Reset your session, follow [[Session|these steps]]* Do you wish to cancel your recurring subscription? Read [[Upgrades|this page]]* Are you missing the invoice for your PayPal upgrade? Read [[Upgrades|this page]]

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