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The premium service allows you to add more stops to an itinerary. There are upgrades for routes up to 100 stops or more, for the time period of one day (24 hours), one month or recurring.
We have two payment You can access the premium service via these methods:
* Upgrade your account
* Buy an 24h access code
* Business subscription
=== Upgrade not available ===
It may happpen that your account was upgraded, but the route planner does not allow you to add more addresses to the map. If this happens, your session may need to be reset. Follow these steps: 1. Log out of the website 2. Close the browser completely (all tabs and windows) 3. Wait 10 seconds 4. Open the browser and log in again 5. Wait 10 seconds 6. Press the "Reset" button 7. Wait 10 seconds 8. Your session is now reset
=== Cancel subscription ===

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