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RouteXL is free to use for all routes up to 20 stops, under a [[Fair Use Policy]]. If you plan multiple routes a day, but never have more than 20 addresses to enter, there is no payment required. The free version is fully functional, you can use all goodies. Registration is not required. You can use the route planner without an account. You do need an account to change some [[Options]]. The [[API]] requires registration and is free for routes up to 10 stops.
The premium service allows you to add more stops to an itinerary. There are upgrades for routes up to 100 stops and up to 150 stops, for the time period of one day (24 hours), one month or recurring. You can either upgrade your account using Paypal, or buy one-off access codes which do not require registration either. Both methods are automated and instantly available.
Check the [httpsWe have two payment methods:// pricing overview] on the website.
* Upgrade your account* Buy an access code Both methods are automated and instantly available. Check the [ pricing overview] on the website. == Upgrade an your account ==
Upgrading an account via PayPal is the most easy way to go premium. When you have a premium subscription, all you need to do is log in and the maximum number of stops per route is instantly increased. PayPal payments are easy, fast and secure.

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