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Quick guide

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Next, you'll need to add all of your destination locations. Type each address in the search bar at the top left corner and press enter. Each stop is added to the map with a black marker with a stop icon.
[[File:20151124 Wiki - Add all destinations.png|400px|A map with destinations]]
''Tip: If you can copy addresses, use the [[Import]] button to import multiple addresses at once.''
When your home and destinations are on the map, we're ready to make a route. At the bottom left corder, press the ''Find route'' button. The system will need some time for the route calculations. When ready, the best route is drawn on the map.
[[File:20151124 Wiki - Route found.png|400px|Enter a location using the search box]]
''Tip: There are various ways to [[Use the route]]''

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