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The Import button is a powerful tool to add multiple destination addresses at once. You can copy addresses in any application and paste those in the Import textarea.


1. Select the addresses in the origin application, e.g. Word, Excel or Outlook

2. Copy all addresses using the correct keyboard combination (often Ctrl-c)

3. In RouteXL, press the Import button

4. Select the textarea and paste the addresses (often Ctrl-v)

5. Press the Import button

6. Wait until all addresses have been added


- Each address should be on one line.

- If locations are not found, use the correct Address format or select another Geocoding service.

- If there are problems, a message will be displayed after all addresses have been handled.


Adding destinations via the Import tool has several advantages. Obviously, you won't need to enter each address in the search box one by one, which saves time. But next to that, placing the addresses on the map is also faster. Instead of sending each address to a Geocoding service, the route planners database is checked first.