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If you have a route planned and push the Download button, several file format are available for download to your device.

ITN - TomTom itinerary file, which can be loaded on some TomTom GPS devices (old models).

GPX - GPX Exchange Format, which can be loaded on several other GPS models, like Garmin. This file only holds the destinations, no route.

GPS - Same as GPX but with with all route waypoints.

KML - Keyhole Markup Langauge file, that can be used for geographic applications, like Google Earth

CSV - Comma seperated file that can be used for several office applications. Recommended for use with Excel

TXT - Flat file that only holds your destinations as text

You can also export routes to Google Maps and Graphhoppper. Those website have additional options, including the routing for other vehicles, like bike or foot (walking).