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An optimized route with several stops


Welcome to the RouteXL Documentation

RouteXL offers an innovative multi-stop route planner designed for both business and leisure travel needs. It efficiently organizes your trip by optimizing the itinerary across various destinations, ensuring the quickest possible route.

Start planning your optimized multi-stop route by visiting RouteXL's official website.

About RouteXL

Utilizing RouteXL is particularly beneficial when your day involves visiting multiple locations, such as customer homes, tourist attractions, retail outlets, or corporate offices. This optimization leads to significant savings in time and energy—regardless of whether you're using fuel, gas, or electricity—thus reducing both costs and environmental impact. Increased productivity is a direct result of spending less time driving, which is appreciated by both customers and drivers due to the swift pickups, deliveries, and services.

RouteXL's capabilities include:

  • Bulk Address Import: Easily import your list of addresses to plan your route.
  • Advanced Algorithm: The algorithm incorporates time windows for visit readiness and deadlines, pickup and delivery points, and supports planning multiple rounds for allocating stops across different drivers or days.
  • Versatile Transport Options: Choose from multiple modes of transport to suit your needs.
  • Free and Upgraded Services: Planning routes with up to 20 stops is free, while more extensive itineraries can be accommodated with an upgrade. The service adheres to a fair use policy to ensure quality and sustainability.

Getting Started

  • Quick guide - Follow this for a straightforward approach to creating your road trip.
  • User manual - Dive deeper into the features and functionalities of RouteXL.
  • FAQ - Find answers to common queries regarding the service.


RouteXL prioritizes community and user feedback but does not offer telephone support. We encourage you to share your ideas, questions, or concerns on our support forums, where our team and fellow users can assist.